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Vanished is one of my favourite songs on Crystal Castle’s album, when I was listening to it for the first time I thought the vocals sounded very familiar.

Funny enough I found out it contains a vocal track sample and melody from Van She’s Sex City.

Earlier in 2009, Katerine Avgoustakis also made a cover of the song which became her first international single and underwent great success.

It was number one for one week in Poland on the country's Official Airplay Chart, ranked by Nielsen Sound Scan.

In just under five years, he sold nearly 30 million albums and had almost 20 global top ten singles.” In being a swirling flute-rap jam that is an ode to the notion of chasing money over women while in the midst of using painkillers and recreational party drugs doesn’t sound too far gone from 50, Timbaland and JT’s techno sex anthem.50 Cent’s back-to-back lead-in heaters prior to the release to his 2007 album represent the last time I ever truly adored rap songs.Listening to the best of the genre’s mainstream sounds 10 years later, and I feel really wonderful about that decision.MP3: In 2006 Crystal Castles brought out Courtship Dating.Funny enough in 2007 Timbaland produced Ayo Technology for 50 cents album Curtis which sounds ridiculously similar in sound to Courtship Date, Check out the video above to see the similarities.

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