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Posted by / 14-Nov-2017 07:57

Maybe one does well with fans of Death Cab for Cutie while another resonates with fans of Radiohead.

When they do, a link to their Facebook profile appears on our dashboard.

The package doesn’t provide enough credits to consistently earn free plays, and 0 is too big a leap for my budget.

The number of free plays you receive is based on your song’s weekly Pop Score, which is determined by how listeners interact with it (likes/dislikes, etc).

I’d love to see a toggle switch to optimize targets dynamically based on recent song performance.

Maybe you’d start by picking three artists you sound like, and let the algorithm work from there. There are two categories of targeting: Standard and Premium.

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Fortunately Radio Airplay provides a wonderful tool for optimizing your artist targeting: the Fan Overlap Report, which shows you what artists your fans like, on a per-song basis.