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The Arter's reported a handgun was taken from their bedroom and a youth rifle was taken from the couple's gun cabinet.

Brandi told Randall and Investigator Brian Hankins that she thought Stubbs who is a resident of Lockesburg may have broken into their home and stolen the guns. When he picked her up, she informed Randall that Stubbs had a handgun.

They may show signs of physical and/or sexual abuse, physical restraint, confinement or torture. They are not in control of their own identification documents and they are not allowed or able to speak for themselves.

They make claims of just visiting and they don't have the ability to clarify where they live.

Mayor Bobby Tullis reported the group had not been meeting and from now on, any commissioner who misses more than two meetings in a row will automatically be removed from the commission.

The ordinance reorganizes the commission and sets terms for the existing members and three new commissioners.

Josh takes on the role of Cable, the telepathic son of X-Men’s Cyclops who first appeared as an infant in the 1986 Uncanny X-Men series.

In a bid to stay true to the role, Brolin exposed his results of his sweat-drenched hours in the gym in an impressive black and white social media snap.

A witness informed Randall that he dropped off Stubbs at a church on Melrose Road and went back and picked him up about 30-minutes later.

He said when he picked Stubbs up, he had a rifle, a chainsaw and a firebox of some type.

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They exhibit unusually fearful or anxious behavior after bringing up law enforcement.