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Northern ireland free online text messages sex chat with girls

'It went back to the whispering campaigns of previous governments to discredit us,' she said in an interview with one newspaper. 'It's just ridiculous, but you learn to let it wash over you.' Controversy, in one way or another, has always attached itself to the Robinsons.

'All this innuendo and whispering got into the chattering classes and we knew we were being talked about. They are, of course, among the highest paid husband-and-wife team in Westminster and were criticised during the expenses scandal for claiming £571,939 in one year from the British taxpayer in salaries and expenses from legislatures and other public bodies.

Inside, a small group of political journalists and TV crews were given a statement from 60-year-old moral crusader Mrs Robinson.

She obtained two cheques for £25,000 each from businessmen, named as Fred Fraser, who has since died, and Ken Campbell.

'It wasn't long before he realised I wasn't noticing him and he soon asked me out. 'I suppose the linkage was me being in hospital so many times [with gynaecological problems].

It was a surefire way of getting his attention.' But, in the political hothouse of Stormont, if not elsewhere, their marriage has been the subject of ugly rumours. 'But it's nice to be able to put these comments where they belong.' Nor were they the only rumours.

Mr Robinson, for his part, is accused of failing to alert the appropriate watchdog bodies that his wife may have broken Parliamentary rules and codes, a charge vehemently denied by the politician yesterday.

Either way, Mr Robinson's raw and, on the face of it, moving performance on TV this week - when he gave every impression of being a broken man - is now being seen in a different light by some commentators.

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'I do not want to return to this subject and I am determined to try to put this issue behind me,' Mr Robinson stressed at the end of the most traumatic and emotionally charged public appearance of his career. Apart from anything else, the confession left two glaring questions: why did Mr Robinson, leader of the hardline Democratic Unionist Party, who sits in the House of Commons in London as MP for Belfast East, go on television at all? We now have the answers - which potentially erodes any sympathy there might have been for the Robinsons' domestic tragedy. Emotional: Peter Robinson tells the media he has forgiven his wife for the affair Like the big-screen Mrs Robinson, she was also a close family friend who had known Mr Mc Cambley since he was a boy.

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