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My reflections start with this interesting paper about similarities between Lean and Agile: When you’re Agile you get Lean by Charlie Rudd.And continue with the book "Prioritize, focus, deliver" by Tomas Björholm and Hans Brattberg from Crisp that name this long list of things that Lean have in common with Scrum and XP: - Prioritization and focus, transparence, high quality, iterative and incremental development, cooperation to...The kind of trust that can make an organization more effective is: knowledge of the capability of a person-team-department from memories of past experiences .Trust is a form of knowledge inside a relationship that can be gradually achieved through direct experience and exploration. This definition of trust enable the organization to...

Many of those are desirable qualities while they are not necessarily useful in a work relationship.I begin with a story that in my opinion describe the dynamic of an Emergent Architecture In Oregon in 1975 when faced with the decision of where to build footpaths between newly erected student housing, the architect let the authorities first plant grass between the buildings. Later, the footpaths were placed on the paths the students feet had traced on the lawn. I'm reflecting about similarities and differences between Lean and Agile software development to challenge and deepen my understanding and gain new insights.You are welcome to add your comments with more reflections on similarities and differences.A rule is useful when set boundaries a person can benefit from: 1) The rule must be good & 2) The person must be capable to benefit from it The 2nd point is important too !For example ignoring 1) can lead to assertions like Financial market don't need regulations or ignoring 2) can lead to assertions like We can export democracy. On rigid and brittle rules: ABIDE model: Barriers On authority, discipline and dissent: When diversity, dissent and responsibility lack A book: Saying no, Asha Phillips This give me an interesting suggestion on questioning the...

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What are in you opinion the most difficult things in Agile?